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And So It Begins

I’m finally here! After tons of prep and minor freakouts (not to mention a few crying episodes in the airport), I’m here not just in Prague but with my new Remote Year family. These past several days have been a whirlwind of places, people and beers. It’s been exhilarating to say the least.

Roommates image

After a long journey through Dublin I landed in Prague and quickly found myself running into the open arms of some of my Remote Year crew. Immediately I was introduced to my 3 new roommates

- Nick, Danny and Chase. After some initial awkwardness we all hit it off immediately and quickly bonded over beers, being the first at the beer garden to welcome the rest of the Remotes on Day 1. In typical fashion we shut the place down and moved on to U Sadu for some Becherovka shots and Pilsners I can’t pronounce - thankfully Uber works here (and only costs like 2-5 bucks!) to make sure we got home alright.

Day 2 started off with the roommates and I setting the tone early and being late to our first day of orientation at the new office. Our K10 working space is more than I could have hoped for. Its the former Danish embassy so there are still some

growing pains as it gets converted but there is plenty of open space, solid WiFi and a beautiful backyard.

After orientation we grabbed some more Remotes and went in search of lunch - Matt led us to the best burger I’ve ever had at Naše Maso. Its a butcher shop that makes them right there fresh for you - can’t recommend it enough. From there we wandered into the farmer’s market to sample some more Czech beers (a common theme you’ll see) and some fresh wild boar sausage. After some downtime to catch our breaths, we got word some Remotes were taking over the Prague Beer Museum so we headed over there for dinner and continue meeting the crew.

From there we went to a place I can’t name unless you have the group password to meet Sara, Molly and Jess where we formed the “classic” Hateful 8 group (later to be completed with Meera). In pursuit of an expat bar to watch Game 7 we went

on a chase about town to several of Czechs finest dive bars and clubs until eventually calling off our search after a group sing along to Scatman. We “dumped” Sara by the side of the road a mile from her place (aka next door from her apt :) ) and stopped at a “traditional Czech” Mexican place to satiate the drunken appetite.

In summary - I’m having a blast with some of the most fun people I could have imagined would be on this journey with me. Can’t wait to meet more of them, learn from them and experience the world with them.

I’ve got more to say on the next couple days where I’ll show you the apt (a teaser view is below, thats from our balcony) and cover some sightseeing, but this is going crazy long. Stay tuned!

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