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Learning to Say Goodbye. Some Way Late Thoughts on Prague

One of my fellow remotes, Eddie, has a great tattoo on his forearm that says "I'm getting good at saying goodbye" and I've been thinking about that statement a lot over the past couple weeks. I've never been good at saying goodbye. As much as I'd like to think I'm this emotionally tough, nonchalant person who's always down for change, that fact is I never actually manifested that mentality. Case in point, I moved to Manhattan with the idea of bouncing around to a new city every 1-2 years...smash cut to 9+ years and I was still there. Its tough for me to break out of the creature comforts I build up - I get used to my city, my favorite spots, my friends and family.

Even though its quite obvious, I never really thought about this before going on this trip, but to get the full value of all 12 cities I need to say goodbye...a lot. We say goodbye to our new friends we've met at the co-working spaces, our city managers, our cities, our favorite places to go, our routines. About a week ago we said goodbye to our first home, Prague, my time there was nothing short of amazing and you could see it in all the remotes eyes they felt the same....we didn't want to say goodbye but we had to.

Goodbye k10: a beautiful co-working spot that had an awesome staff that was welcoming and warm, the relaxing lawn that was perfect to lay out in and quickly refresh form a long day of work (or host parties in), Hamilton inspired flash mobs, home for our GoT viewing parties and a surprisingly amazing chef

He missed

Goodbye Riegoravy Sady: the home of our favorite beer garden that we spent WAY too much time at watching the Euros, sunset hill, and a beautiful resting place for my mother. I'll always think about our time there.

Goodbye Old Town: I loved getting lost in your winding streets that reminded me of Hogwarts, your donut ice cream (thats not the name but fuck it), your beautiful architecture and sights that never get old no matter how many times I wandered through you

Goodbye New Town: your not so shabby yourself with Winceslas Square that always stopped me in my tracks, the opera house where a group of us saw an amazing Czech performance, but stop misleading everyone with your name. you're from the 14th century. you're old as fuck

Goodbye Vltava River: paddle boating down your slow rolling waters put the exclamation mark on one of my favorite days of Remote Year

Goodbye Sněžka Mountain: you technically aren't in Prague but you gave Cary, Jeremy, Jess, Meera, Trish and myself all the challenges you could throw at us (literally with hail) and rewarded us with a beautiful view. That feeling upon reaching the top and peering into Poland is one I hope I can replicate

Goodbye Burrito Loco: a beacon in our drunken fugue states, bringing us back to life with your quesadillas and tacos....can't believe I feel the need to say goodbye to you...

Goodbye John Lennon Wall: for providing us all a place for reflection and inspiration, and for allowing us to leave our love lock not far from your bridge - I hope the next Remote Year group finds it and feels a closer connection to us.

Goodbye Letna Beer Garden: the sight of our first group photo and the catalyst for one of the crazier nights at James Dean and the birth of the Queen of the Kamikazes, First of Her Name

Goodbye Husinecka: my favorite place...the place where Gamble, Danny, Chase and myself bonded over red wine, singing (aka screaming) B-52s and throwing a pool party that Apple Germany heard about

Missing Danny! I'm sorry brother couldn't find a pic of us all together in the apt. I'll keep looking and replace this one soon.

Goodbye to So Many Amazing Places that Gave Me a Lifetime of Memories in just a Month: Anonymous, Stalin, Shotgun, Bukowski's, Gastronomica, Strahov Library, Cross Club, Pasta Fresca, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Petrin Tower, Black Angel's, Charles Bridge, Karlstejn Castle, 20 PIP Craft Beer Pub, and list can go on and on as Prague has one hidden gem after another.

Our first group excursion out of Prague

Prague... you will forever hold a special place in my heart. I could even see myself living here with you for a bit after this is all said and done. However, all i can offer you now is a belated, but beyond heartfelt goodbye.

Before leaving I never would have thought that one of the things I'd learn on this trip was how to say goodbye. While, I'm definitely not there yet (I'll still be a mess when we leave Belgrade as I'm already falling in love with this place) but I'm starting to get good at saying goodbye.

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