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A Thank You 8 Months in the Making

This post is sappy but its short so don’t worry. It helps if you put on Quit You by the Lost Kings* to be your background music. #TappelBangerNominee

Today is the day before travel day in Bogota, Colombia and the end of month 8 of Remote Year. Its absolute insanity that its already been 8 months. I kind of forget that this was something I “started”, it just feels like what I’ve always done at this point.

Anyway, this morning I was watching The Queen….yea I watch it, big whoop, want to fight about it!?!...and I was reminded of London and how much I miss that city and my way too limited time there. But as I thought of London, I wandered onto the months preceding it and those that came after it up until last night when we were chugging aguardiente, screaming along to “Ya No Me Duele Mas” and laughing our asses off. I kept thinking about this group I get to travel with and how much better you make my life.

I originally tried to write what I liked about each one of you but I found myself repeating too many of the same sentiments, albeit with their own personal twist, as you have so many amazing characteristics in common – warmth, humor, compassion, adventure, intelligence, determination, curiosity, loyalty, honesty, selflessness and love.

Month 1 - Look how young we look! And 'member Rob broke his wrist!?!! Ravi even made it in this one!

I get inspired by this group every day. You write like literary giants with insight well beyond your years, you capture beauty in the most unnoticeable of places, you know an insane amount about almost everything from the finer things about wine to constellations to axolotls and I can listen to you talk about them for hours, you have smiles that can light up a room, you give to people of all walks of life in each city you go to, you speak with the confidence and charisma I can only dream of, you build impressive things out of thin air, all while drinking a prodigious amount of alcohol of all varieties. It can be intimidating at times and I often wonder how I am even here and what the hell I have to contribute. As I write this I realize I’m wearing the shirt of some remotes’ company and the hat of another’s. Slow down guys, you’re making me look bad over here shaking off my hangover at 5pm.

The hangover from this day was epic

I feel like most of the information I’m reading lately is just awful so I wanted to write something corny and sappy so I guess this post doesn’t really have a point except to say thank you, thank you for letting me be a part of this group, thank you for making me laugh, thank you for dumb memories and life changing ones, thank you for showing me the world, thank you for making me want to strangle you (with love) sometimes J, thank you for teaching me so much each day, thank you for these 8 months, can’t wait to for the next 4 and beyond, thank you.

If you ever need someone to talk to, to grab lunch with, to yell at, to cry with, to hug, to high five (I’ve still got like 20 confetti cartridges) or just simply sit with quietly, please text, slack, email, geocities post, and I’ll be there in a flash. I need to start paying you all back. Love you.

Probably one of my favorite photos from RY, we need to find another hill to catch some sunsets on like now.

PS – sorry if I snore on the bus ride….for 12 hours

*Around 33 seconds in does it sound like she says “fart into my pillow”or is it just me???

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