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Don't Wear a Bathing Suit Out At Night

I'm going to be dropping some deep wisdom like this title all year so get ready! I'll get to that point but a quick recap since my last post (since I'm about as good at holding onto my phone as I am at updating this). Since my last update I've gotten to see and do so many things with my fellow Remotes but most importantly got to get to know them even more.

After several days of going out in a row Danny whipped up a healing and delicious roommate dinner even though Nick was an absentee father from the family we still had a good time bonding and resting up for another whirlwind weekend.

To kick that weekend off we went to Letna Beer Garden, where we were treated to the usual gorgeous Prague skyline while putting back several pilsners. Weirdly enough it costs 5 koruna to use the bathroom in some places as Jamie found out when she was pulled from the bathroom by a large, angry Czech woman / bathroom bouncer. As the beer garden wound down we decided to go to James Dean which is their version of an "American" bar where I don't believe they realize we've gotten out of the 80s. We proceeded to go on a shot parade of a wide array of liquors as we all danced and belted out Grease songs to each other until we reached a level sufficient for an epic hangover the next day.

Lastly is the main event, our first ever Czech pool party...well I don't know if there is such a thing but if not we just created that tradition. The roommates and I had a small, little fib going since the first night that our apartment has a pool (its far away from everyone else so no one could verify). However we had no pool only a big courtyard that we shared with Apple (not the fruit) - so we set out to deliver on this promise or risk the scorn of our fellow Remotes. We rented DJ equipment (two remotes, including my roommate are AMAZING DJs), grabbed two kegs, most importantly two kiddie pools and prayed people showed up. And that they did. We had an absolute blast partying it up with everyone and even getting in some "swimming" in the pools. To make it an "official" party even the cops showed up but thankfully Danny had the foresight to bribe a Czech couple earlier in the day with champagne and they talked us out of going to Prague jail...guys like me don't do good in Prague jail.

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