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Holy Shit

That's roughly the thought I had about 3:45pm yesterday. I was sitting in a divey pub drinking a Pilsner, watching the Euros with RY friends alongside some tourists and locals cheering on Croatia (for no real personal reason than the bar seemed to favor them). It had just started raining outside making our decision to duck into this random bar appear all the more serendipitous. Out of nowhere it hit me and not sure why - "Holy shit..... I actually live here... this isn't a vacation.... we've been here longer than I've been on any vacation... this is my life now.... I live here... holy mother fucking shit I live here!" Granted "here" is a fluid concept for us now but more the idea of me with this group, my family on this journey, in this city that's our new home for now... we live here. This wasn't some big, public realization but just a quiet, brief, internal monologue - outside of a giant grin quickly flashing across my face. Its truly starting to become real.

3/4's of the Husinecka Boys at the John Lennon Wall

Sunday was one of those perfect days that just put a button on an amazing week of what's turning into a beautiful, eye-opening month in what promises to be a life changing year. Scraping our intended plans for a city art tour (sorry Collin and crew!) turned out to be a great decision as we wandered aimlessly - finding the John ​​Lennon wall, meandering across the Charles Bridge while it lightly rained and taking in the city from the heights from the bridge's 14th century tower, Karlov Must. We came across Kostel sv. Jilji (the Church of St. Gilles) ​​and decided to pop in to find some solace and get some soul cleansing from these first 2 weeks. After that we stopped in the pub for a quick one and than coasted down the Vlata River on a paddle boat, letting the current take us as we listened to several acts from the Seafood Festival on the island next to us, before joining the festival ourselves to take in more music and a quick bite (while Gamble and Chase got creeped on by an enthusiastic local).

View into the courtyard from Karlov Must

View from Karlov Most

Me trying to keep up with all the activities in our Slack channels can totally sympathize with this dude

​​This lazily packed Sunday was proceeded by so many great memories this week whether that was watching the sun-set with ​​a whole cadre of the remotes, impromptu karaoke sessions at the beer hall, watching Paris win in dramatic fashion (congrats Nick) and England tie in gut-wrenching fashion (sorry Matt), hiking up to Karlstejn castle through the Czech countryside and dancing like fools for Stephan's birthday at a 5 level mega-club...the list goes on. I know we're still potentially in a honeymoon phase and I should temper my expectations for the year but screw that for now....holy shit I fucking live here!

Some pics from the Vlata River paddle boat "cruise" including my new friend Ducky

Some random pics from our hike to Klajsten Castle

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